Fund Overview

High performance objective of 5x return on investment.

Minimum asset tie-up time of 6 months for Genesis fund.

Access to pre-IPO investments with low entry cost of $10k.

Accounting practices are verified by a third party.

Profit sharing, we only get paid if you make money.

Securing your funds through industry best practices.

What are Cryptoassets?

In January 2018, Bitcoin hit a record trade value of approximately $20,000. Weeks after, market corrections led to an almost 65% downturn and yet Bitcoin was still worth 690% more than the start of 2017.

Much like the volatility and inevitable success that came with the computer age, unpredictability within the digital asset class stems from a global inability to accurately value the extraordinary potential that comes from cryptocurrencies. In this video, industry analyst Thomas Lee analyzes past trends and generations to infer future growth and possibilities of crypto asset class.

This is not the internet bubble, this is a lot more like emerging markets becoming an asset class.

Thomas Lee J.P. Morgan's Chief Equity Strategist
2007 to 2014

Why Invest in Crypto

The advent of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and crowdsourcing has drastically changed the way early stage companies choose to fundraise. This same change has also given smaller investors access to lucrative investments before only available to venture capital groups and wealthy individuals. Before, heavy financial regulation allowed only accredited investors to invest in early stage investments like an IPO; investments which are the most lucrative. Now, companies are choosing to accept cryptocurrencies for fundraising, bypassing the traditional fundraising route. Through this less centralized space, startups can attract vital funding from a wider range of investors and with far lower fees.

Traditional Early Stage Investing Digital Asset Early Stage Investing
Liquidity Low, can take years High, weeks to months
Minimum Investments High, often in the millions Low, often $1,000 or less
Investors base Accredited Investors Wide range of investors
Geographic limitations Financial hubs i.e. NYC World wide access
Fees to intermediaries High fees to legal/financial Minimal fees, no middleman
Barriers to entry Restrictive regulations/high cost Technically difficult/high learning curve

Private Placement Memorandum

The Aver Group Genesis fund offers investors a high return on investment with high liquidity.

  • Target fund $500,000. Minimum individual investment of $10,000.
  • Target 5x return or 6 month investment period, whichever comes first.
  • No management fees, profit sharing 80% investor, 20% Aver Group LLC.

Why Invest With Us

While investing in crypto has the potential to be very lucrative, it can be a daunting prospect. As with many early stage technologies, the digital asset market has developed for function rather than form, and requires a large degree of technical understanding to navigate. The space is comprised of many independent exchanges, obscure transaction procedures, and little to no customer service or support. For many it is difficult to even know where to begin.

At Aver, we dedicated ourselves to mastering the intricacies of the crypto marketplace. We learned to identify and avoid its pitfalls, developed security procedures, and personally invested in early stage blockchain companies. Now Aver wants to offer this honed expertise to you.

Alexander D. Thomas

Alexander D. Thomas

CEO | Co-Founder

Alex oversees the funding and portfolio investment strategy of the fund. Alex holds three years experience as an R&D Program Manager for the military, having managed over $600M in Air Force assets. He holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from the United States Air Force Academy and is currently pursuing graduate studies in Finance at Harvard University.

Donsun Nadeau

Donsun Nadeau

CFO | Co-Founder

Don is a Contracts Manager for the Department of Defense and a USAF Veteran. He holds 6 years experience in R&D contracting and has awarded over $1.2 Billion in Air Force contracts. Don earned his undergraduate degree at UCONN and is currently finishing a Masters of Finance at Harvard University.

Serg Chernata

Sergey Chernata

CTO | Co-Founder

Sergey Chernata is the technical co-founder at Aver Group LLC. He is a VP of Technology at a nation-wide consumer goods company. With over 10 years of professional experience and multiple degrees, Sergey builds businesses through code and best technology practices. Sergey mined Bitcoin in 2013 and managed his personal cryptoasset portfolio, reaching overall return on investment ratio of 25x.

Samir Zemmouri

Samir Zemmouri

Portfolio Manager

Samir is an up and coming young analyst deeply entrenched with leaders in the cryptocurrency investment community. His brief yet successful experience ranges from managing political funds and interning for D.C. based think tanks, to managing individual private consulting for those new to cryptocurrency. The oversight of his small client pool alone has led to multiple exits at 10x gains with a total profit over $80,000 in a 4 month timeframe.